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Welcome to Luminati Lights
Luminati Lights began in Wilmington Delaware and is now located in South Dennis Massachusetts on the
beautiful island of Cape Cod. Luminati Lights is a world leader in Custom LED Lighting Solutions with
unmatched support. Born in the demanding world of the 24/7 Casino Industry, Luminati Lights
commercial grade high performance LED products are custom designed and built to deliver stunning
atmospheres, thrive under rigorous 24/7 operating conditions and deliver bottom line enhancing energy
and maintenance savings.
Here at Luminati we understand LED lighting and the intricacies that come with our special field.
In house LED specialists have the knowhow and experience to guide you with any concepts, layouts and
custom designs desired. When you call Luminati we encourage you to take the time to detail your
project and one of our associates will help you determine the best lighting and power solutions.
Whether your lighting a 300 foot mega yacht, waterfalls, signature architectural projects, building
custom light fixtures or backlighting your television?. we are here for your success. Luminati Lighting?s goal is to assure a better tomorrow and a brighter today by utilizing environmentally
friendly low voltage professional grade LED lights. Call us today to achieve stunning effects while
dramatically reducing operating and maintenance costs. Fantastic technical support Luminati Lights
ensures your next indoor, outdoor or underwater project will be a success.

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