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Linear LED
Linear LED
waterfall wall wash LED
boardwalk wall wash LED


Length: 1,004mm (39 in.)
Depth: 66mm (2.5 in) with brackets
Width: 66mm (2.5 in) without brackets
Height: 141mm (5.5 in) with brackets
Weight: 4kg (8.8 lbs) including bracket

Dynamic effects

Additive RGB color change
Red: 0-100%
Green: 0-100%
Blue: 0-100%

Light source

High power emitter X 30pcs
Beam angle: 15/25/45 degree

Luminous intensity at 500mA driving

Red 800lm
Green 900lm
Blue 600lm

Control and programming

Color control: Individual RGB
Color options: DMX
DMX channels: 3
DMX address setting: preset in factory


Powder coated aluminum extrusion housing
Mounting bracket: Powder coated aluminum
Front cover: Glass, 3mm thickness
Protection rating: IP67


Power & Data cable entry: IP67 cable gland
Power & Data connection: 3 m (10ft) cable tail
-Combined Power and Data cable
-4 conductor cable, Power +/-, Data +/-


Power input: 24VDC
Rated power consumption: Max 90W
Power supply unit: remote

Ordering information

LL-Linear30-RGB-XX(Beam angle)