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Underwater Round flood
Underwater Round flood
Underwater Round flood
Underwater Round flood
Underwater Round flood


Diameter: 169mm (6.6 in.)
Center hole diameter: 38mm (1.49 in.)
Height: 69mm (1.5 in.) with cable gland
Weight: 2kg (4.4 lbs.) included in 1M cable

Dynamic effects

Additive RGB color change
Red: 0-100%
Green: 0-100%
Blue: 0-100%

Light source

High power emitter x 9pcs, RGB
White LED: Neutral white, 5500 - 7000
Optic: 15/25/45 degree beam angle

Luminous intesity

Red 240lm
Green 270m
Blue 180lm
White 3000K 270lm
White 4000K 360lm
White 6000K 360lm

Control and programming

Color control: Individual RGB
Control options: DMX/CRGB
DMX channels:3
DMX address setting: Auto addressing


Corrosion free and UV retardant


Aluminum die-casting housing with Nickel-chrome coated
Front cover: 10mm (0.39 in.), clear polycarbonate
Protection rating: IP68


Power and Data cable entry: IP68 cable gland
Power and Data connection: 1m (5.9ft.) cable tail
For DMX control:
Combined Power and Data cable
4 conductor cable, 2 of Power+- and 2 of Data+-
For CRGB control:
-4 conductors, 1R, 1G, 1B, 1Common


Power input: 24VDC
Rated power consumption: Max 12W/30W
Power supply unit: remote

Ordering information

LL-FTUW9-NC-RGB-XX(Beam angle)-XX(Watts)
LL-FTUW9-NC-CW-XX(Beam angle)-XX(Watts)
LL-FTUW9-NC-WW-XX(Beam angle)-XX(Watts)